Dear Passengers,
The Shuttle Service will resume operations on June 26, 2020. If you would like to know when the Shuttle Service will arrive at your hotel, please check the schedule here.  You can also e-mail us or call us at 201-601-7777 option #3.
We require all tickets to be purchased online only. There will be NO CASH transactions on the vehicle, you will be required to purchase your tickets in advance or with an agent before boarding the shuttle. If you are having trouble purchasing your tickets online—you can email us or call us at 201-601-7777 option #3 to reserve your spot. 
For your safety, the Shuttle Service has established clear protocols and procedures for the cleaning and disinfection of all our vehicles.

We have enhanced our cleaning efforts to include disinfecting vehicles every 24 hours. Hard surface cleaning and disinfecting typically include handholds and handrails, door handles, armrests, and seating areas.

The cleaning agents used in this effort are deemed effective for these purposes and contain anti-viral components such as bleach/water mixes and other disinfectant sprays. Areas regularly cleaned include are seating areas, doors, doorknobs, windows, trash cans, floor surfaces, and all floor mats.

If customers need to discard used face coverings and gloves, they must use the trash receptacles on the vehicle or hold on to them until they are off the vehicle. 

Drivers will be wearing face coverings at all times and we require all passengers to wear face coverings. Passengers that do not have face coverings will have the option to purchase one before boarding the shuttle. If a passenger refuses to wear a face covering, they will not be allowed to board the shuttle.